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Unleash the Power of Self-Aware
Employees and Leaders.

It's little surprise that self-aware employees are statistically more likely to maximize their talents, recognize and manage their challenges/weaknesses, promote teamwork, and produce to goal. It's also little surprise that they experience higher morale, lower turnover, and faster internal growth.

The team at MotivationCheck has helped learners worldwide master the tools they need to thrive professionally and personally.

Our robust program of trainings are available in multiple formats:

  • Hybrid (remote and in-person learners taught concurrently using technology such as video conferencing)
  • Blended learning (in-person instruction with online learning activities), and
  • Microlearning ("bite sized" learnings under 10 minutes in duration).

Curated for the unique needs of today's workforce.

Proven to boost retention, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Step into a new day through MotivationCheck's suite of trainings.